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Emotions play a big part in impacting our daily lives for better or for worse. Since how we effectively manage and control our emotions will often determine how successful we are at work, in business and in our relationships, we need to critically assess our emotional makeup and well-being to ensure that our emotions are not hindering us and getting in our way of achieving success and prosperity. The bottom line is this: Every one of us is subject to emotions and some people allow the situations surrounding them get the best of them while other people seem to remain calm, even in the most surreal and intense environments imaginable. If you are striving for the latter, then this audiobook, Managing Your Emotions: Critical Steps to Maintaining Control in Life by Omar Johnson will show you the secrets of how to gain control over your life by simply recognizing, understanding, and effectively dealing with emotions that we encounter daily such as sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, rage, envy, pity, sympathy, and host of others. Some of the topics covered include: Understanding Your Emotions Emotional Triggers The Root Cause of Strong Emotional Reactions Emotional Outbursts Channeling Your Emotional Reactions How to Develop an Ideal You 1. Language: English. Narrator: Larry Anderson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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